Ear Post Plier

The Trace Mark
Straight Stamps

Ear post identification has never been simpler! An engraved hardened steel blade mounted on parallel pliers impresses upper case letters and numbers or karat values to ear posts or straight wire with just a squeeze. Place the wire in the brass support groove and squeeze the plier. The Ear Post plier is engraved for either 1mm or .8mm wire diameter. Please specify which size you need when ordering.

The impressed character size is .3mm and requires magnification to see.

Pricing starts at $225 for a system with 14K or 925 etc.

13 characters and spaces maximum. No logos or custom fonts. Additional replacement karat stamp engravings start at $75 for a 14K, 18K, 925 etc. making this tool versatile and affordable.

Call to order.
To order custom stamps please email your design & size requirements for a quote. For all products you can order via phone, or we can email a PayPal invoice.