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Karat Stamps

Our Ring Stamps are engraved on high speed steel for extreme durability. We don't have to worry about hardness, or the issues that come with heat treating, such as cracking. No other company makes ring stamps using high speed steel!

Our unique Ring Stamp shape allows for use in a much wider selection of ring sizes and widths than the "old school" style ring stamps that you may see in catalogs.

Designed to be stuck with a hammer, the striking end is machinable and can be modified by the user to be incorporated into a press or mounted in a press as is.

Our karat stamps (925, 14K etc.) are also engraved using high speed steel, unlike the inexpensive imports you see in catalogs. Our karat stamps are clearer, sharper, take less striking pressure and last longer.

To order custom stamps please email your design & size requirements for a quote. For all products you can order via phone, or we can email a PayPal invoice.