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The Trace Mark identification stamp is a precision instrument that provides proof of ownership to individuals who wish to permanently identify their belongings, without defacing or devaluing them. Recommended by law enforcement agencies world wide & discussed in the book, Loss Prevention and Security Procedures.

This is a very popular tool for jewelry manufacturers, watchmakers and clockmakers who need to put a mark such as 14K, STERLING etc. on small, delicate items such as earrings, pendants or charms, where the larger, typical hammer stamps just can't be used. The Trace Mark stamp does not require a hammer. Simple hand pressure is all you need to make an impression. The tip of the stamp is engraved on a slight curve so as you apply hand pressure to the stamp, you simply rock the stamp from right to left to set the impression. Because of this curve and the very small & sharp character size, a hammer is not required.

The Trace Mark stamp is available in either a .5mm size or .3mm size.

Originally created for the home user to place a mark on their personal belongings, the Trace Mark stamp is also used worldwide in major industries such as electronics, jewelry manufacturing, law enforcement, libraries, universities, medical, aerospace and more. Libraries and universities worldwide are using the Trace Mark to discreetly mark rare books. Electronics and Automotive industries use the Trace Mark to stamp wiring harnesses, cables and other components.

$99 Custom format (13 character maximum i.e. name, serial number etc.) Example: JOHN SMITH

$75 for standard karat stamps in .5mm such as 10K, 14K, 18K, 22K and 925

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